Our Process

Creating a film in the year 2021 posed various unique challenges with the global pandemic COVID-19 rapidly mutating and infecting people. Many unknowns and question marks lingered at the start of the making of this film. It was through out-of-the-box thinking and innovation that this film was successfully created in compliance with Belmont University, the City of Nashville, and the CDC's regulations to keep others safe.

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Pictured Above: High Councilwoman Zulfat Suara



Planning a student film through a college course required a great amount of planning and dedication from the crew. From pitching to potential interview-ees, to formulating set design, to creating a workflow, many hours of pre-production work were required to assess the unique challenges posed by health restrictions and keeping safety as a #1 priority through the entire process.



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The production of this film created a valuable experience for all involved. The team built the sets, conducted interviews, and broke down the set in a way that minimized contact with the interview-ees so that they were only interacting with two people at a time, the two camera-people filming them from 10 feet away.

Pictured Above: Vaughn May

All interviews were held virtually with the interviewer sitting in a separate control room and all crew members wearing 2 masks at a time.



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Post-production workflow included several weeks of checking out individual edit bays on Belmont's campus. Our team's editors were each given a piece of the project to work on. After many screenings and notes, the project fell together as the entire crew collaborated with their ideas and concepts.

Pictured Above: Dr. James Hildreth



With the deadline of final exams approaching quickly, everything in this project had to be strategically planned and executed for smooth workflow to maximize our efforts. The crew of "How Did We Get Here" worked many hours off the clock to make this project what it has come to be today, we hope you learn as much from it as we did. Thank you for watching!

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Pictured Above: Elizabeth Lane of Nashville's WKRN News 2